Turkey Vulture troika

Click to enlarge

I’ve noted previously one of the best signs of spring on the way, summer on the way, is the return of our turkey vultures from Mexico and downstate New Mexico. And they’re back.

After a breezy, damned windy and cold weekend, we’re headed back towards normal spring temperatures. And the sight of three turkey vultures gliding overhead, spotting for prey alive or dead in La Cieneguilla and the bosque is for me a peaceful sight, a sense of normal life in rural New Mexico. Understand that clouds are closer to ground here than you’re probably accustomed to. We’re at 6300 ft. altitude in our valley.

This was during my next-to-last walk of the afternoon. Pocket camera, Panasonic DMC-ZS8 barely zoomed a wee bit, speed 1/1000th sec. Cropped a bit in iPhoto, pretty much standard enhancements for our sunlit landscape = just a touch of increased saturation, sharpness.

The sound of the wind was nice. I could imagine it over their wings.

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