Coppers release video of man in nightshirt shooting speed SUV

Santa Fe police looking for the person who shot up an unmanned speed-enforcement vehicle last week on Bishops Lodge Road now know what he looks like.

Video released Friday shows a gray-haired man wearing what appears to be a nightshirt pull up in an Audi SUV or wagon about 1:20 a.m., then walk up to the camera-equipped vehicle and fire at least five rounds from a handgun…

Police had reported last week that only three bullets hit the vehicle, piercing the windshield and damaging the roof, but that the camera equipment remained intact.

The video shows the shooter stood roughly 10 feet away from the vehicle when he aimed the handgun. The man at one point appears to yell something after firing the weapon.

The enforcement vehicles, which create images that are used to issue citations to registered owners of cars caught speeding, haven’t been uniformly popular…An obvious understatement?

The vehicle struck by bullets is listed as “unavailable” on the city’s website as repairs are made.

We never pretend that the City Different excludes dangerous “different” denizens. My only psychosocial comment about this dude – given his attire or lack thereof – is that he may have been sleep-driving and/or sleep-shooting.

Or maybe he just doesn’t check his mail for speeding tickets until the end of the day – sitting around watching Fox News and chugging down a dozen beers while growing his anger against official robot camera cars.

The Audi fits the neighborhood of Bishop’s Lodge Road. I’m not so certain about the handgun. Or shooting up city property.


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