Dumb crook of the Day

A burglar left behind more than fingerprints in a Bremerton, Washington home earlier this week – he left a full bag of personal belongings, including his ID.

The man was arrested when he tried to make a deal with his victims.

Early Tuesday morning, Kristin Foreman’s makeup samples, her phone and vital information from her family’s computer was stolen by a stranger, who had woken her up…

After breaking into their two cars, the burglar got into the Foreman family home through the unlocked garage door, right next to the U.S. Marine Corps flag…

While the robber grabbed Kristina’s makeup, her husband – a retired Marine sniper – came out of the bedroom with a gun. “He yelled ‘Get out now’ and the guy says ‘Yes sir,'” said Foreman…

When he ran off, he left a bag of personal belongings, including his ID, in front of the house.

Shane Jackman told police he called the family and offered to return their stolen items in exchange for his stuff…

When he arrived, police were waiting for him

Prosecutors say Shane Jackman has a long criminal history. He’s been in prison or under supervision since 1994.

Jackman is being held on $100,000 bail.

Throw away the key. And get him some counseling while he’s on the inside. Dude needs it.

4 thoughts on “Dumb crook of the Day

  1. keaneo says:

    Cripes. The dummy did this in Bremerton?! He’s lucky he wasn’t killed.

    Everyone in Bremerton is either retired military or active duty – typically Navy or Marines.

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