Israeli settlers fire on Palestinian demonstrators while army and police stand around watching

A video released by an Israeli human rights group appears to show settlers shooting at a group of Palestinian protesters while police and soldiers stand by.

The incident was filmed by Palestinians from the West Bank village of Asira al-Qibliya on Saturday afternoon. A 24-year-old Palestinian, Fathi Asayira, was taken to hospital with facial injuries following the shooting.

According to B’Tselem, which uploaded the footage to YouTube, a large group of settlers, some masked and armed, approached the village from the nearby settlement of Yitzhar and began throwing rocks and starting fires. After a group of Palestinians gathered and threw rocks in return at the settlers, Israeli police and soldiers arrived on the scene…

“The video footage raises grave suspicions that the soldiers present did not act to prevent the settlers from throwing stones and firing live ammunition at the Palestinians,” said B’Tselem. “The soldiers did not try to remove the settlers and in fact are seen standing by settlers while they are shooting and stone throwing.”

In a statement, the Israeli defence forces said it was investigating the shooting.

That will do a lot of good. Witness the course of the nation our government says is leading the way to democracy in the Middle East. Just about as well as we’re doing with the same task in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We’ve only wasted 10 years or so at it. The Israelis have been doing this for over a half-century.

One thought on “Israeli settlers fire on Palestinian demonstrators while army and police stand around watching

  1. daoud alahmad says:

    This is not the first time my friend which shows the settlers shooting at the Palestinians or burning their fields and cutting off their olive trees, the main crop of the Palestinians.
    It is unfortunate that the world see that for 64 years ago and does not lift a finger, and they talk about spreading democracy in the middle east , is Syria located on the moon ? Is not this sad?

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