Canadian Catholic Princes push back against Gay-Straight clubs in schools – by lying about liberty

Ontario Catholics are pushing back against the provincial Liberal government’s plan to force them to accept Gay-Straight Alliances in their schools.

Thomas Cardinal Collins, the Archbishop of Toronto…said…“If it happens to us, it can happen to you on this and other issues,” Collins said. “When religious freedom becomes a second class right, you also will eventually be affected.”

Collins said the GSA model was developed in the United States in the 1980s to promote views on human life and other issues that contradict beliefs of Catholics…

Education Minister Laurel Broten introduced an amendment Friday to her government’s anti-bullying bill that would strip school officials of their power to veto the club name Gay-Straight Alliance.

Broten said words are very meaningful, and students have told the government that it’s important they have a club name that reflects who they are.

“(Premier Dalton McGuinty) and I were both very clear that it was not for us at Queen’s Park to tell them what the name of their club should be, but neither should it be for someone else sitting in some other office in the province to tell them what the name of their club can’t be,” Broten said. “At a committee hearing we heard over and over again from students how important it was that they be able to have the name of the club reflected a space of safety and inclusion in their school. “

Broten said the name Gay-Straight Alliance has become a generic term for anti-homophobia groups.

The minister believes her anti-bullying bill can be adopted within the context of Catholic education.

Not that the Catholic Church in Canada, the United States or anyplace else I ever heard of cares a hoot in Hell about homophobia – except in its perpetuation. Calling the process of ideological segregation, diminishing human worth by theocracy, calling this “liberty” is a semantic scandal from a group of ideologues still stuck into the powers they enjoyed centuries ago.

The Inquisition is over and kids have a right to an anti-Inquisition club if they wish.

One thought on “Canadian Catholic Princes push back against Gay-Straight clubs in schools – by lying about liberty

  1. Atticus Finch says:

    It’s sad that the gay community can’t get their own taste of liberty – especially when it is at the hands of the church – which by-the-way is having their own scandals at the moment…

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