Florida intent on denying people the right to vote — now the Republican strategy nationwide

It wouldn’t be an election year without Florida exhibiting its usual despicable efforts to keep residents from voting.

After the 2000 debacle where the nation had to contend with hanging chads, ballots not being counted, more lawyering than anyone ever needs to deal with, and finally a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, you would think officials there would do all they can to stay out of the news.

But, no. Leave it to the state legislature and Gov. Rick Scott to create another mess that could have easily been avoided. This time, it’s the purging of the state’s voting rolls in an effort to keep U.S. noncitizens from voting. According to Scott, potentially 182,000 voters on the rolls are noncitizens.

Now there is nothing wrong with any state ensuring that those who are eligible to vote are American citizens. But when it comes to Florida, they didn’t even take the necessary precautions to ensure that folks who are legal citizens wouldn’t be a part of their purge process.

The big question is, why now? Why would Florida, with a statewide vote coming up in 90 days, choose now of all times to do this?

That’s a question the Department of Justice is asking.

T. Christian Herren, chief lawyer in the DOJ’s voting rights division, wrote a two-page letter to Florida officials asking why they chose to make this move without consulting the feds, an apparent violation of the Voting Rights Act…

This action follows the draconian voter suppression law — supporters call it voter protection — that was passed by the Florida legislature, which was so ridiculous and punitive that the nonpartisan League of Women Voters and Rock the Vote! chose not to register voters out of fear of amassing substantial fines. A federal judge has ordered Florida to stop enforcing several provisions of that law.

It is shameful that Republicans in Florida are concerned with blocking Americans from the ballots out of some ridiculous fear of noncitizens voting.

If that actually was the case. Of course, it isn’t. Republicans are trying to keep Democrats from voting. They are trying to keep Hispanics from voting. They are trying to keep Blacks from voting. They are trying to keep senior citizens from voting.

They figure -right or wrong – the more people they can prevent from voting easily the more likely they are to win elections.

This is counter to the very foundation of the United States of America. It is contemptible no matter where in the world it might happen; but – especially here in the USA – it is the tactic of cowards who worship tyrants.

One thought on “Florida intent on denying people the right to vote — now the Republican strategy nationwide

  1. Panhandler says:

    Florida governor won’t extend voter deadline, even in a hurricane : Residents were told to evacuate. Now, they might not be able to register to vote. http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/10/rick-scott-florida-hurricane-matthew-voter-registration The Republican governor, who also heads a super-PAC supporting Donald Trump, insisted that despite the dangerous hurricane, people have had ample time to register ahead of the October 11 deadline. Reportedly Trump is currently lagging behind his Democratic rival in several key swing states, including Florida.

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