Yongsan Tower’s design maximizes sense of space

REX’s “Project R6,” also known as Yongsan Tower, is a striking residential tower design commissioned by Dreamhub for its re-imagining of Seoul’s Yongsan district. Central to the R6 concept is the claim that its unique, hollow, almost pulled-apart layout lends its compact apartments “generous views, daylight, and cross-ventilation,” compensating for their modest size…

Envisaged for short-term occupancy, the majority of R6’s apartments have a footprint covering a modest 40 sq m (430 sq ft), and so REX have gone to great lengths to maximize the habitability of the building.

“In a standard housing tower, 40 sq m to 60 sq m units would create poorly dimensioned and oppressive residences, offering constrained views, little daylight, and poor ventilation, and community would be limited to activities at the tower’s base,” REX writes. But the designers claim that these problems have been overcome by “pulling layers of the typical housing tower in opposing directions,” creating the staggered arrangement with jutting protrusions at each end of the tower that is evident in the project renderings.

But that’s only part of the story. The main design feature that increases the spaciousness and airiness that will bring light into the space is the enormous light well that descends vertically through the building. The hollowness that this gives the building means the apartments form a thin perimeter shell with windows facing both outward and inward. That the apartments have windows on either sides also increases the effectiveness of natural ventilation…

We watch House Hunters International with more enjoyment than any daily series I can recall this side of Tom Keene. The sort of attention to livable space designed into this apartment block is delightful – and I look forward to seeing someone taking up residence on some future episode.

Is that a broad enough hint?

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