Irish fans off to EURO 2012: ‘Angela Merkel thinks we’re at work’

Gerry Nolan and his friends from Limerick made this cheeky sign that reads “Angela Merkel thinks we’re at work.”

Thousands of Irish football fans have put work on hold to support their team in Europe.

Euro 2012 begins today in Poland and Ukraine. Ireland will play their first game against Croatia on Sunday.

The group of friends who all graduated from college in Limerick together left Dublin this morning and posed with their flag at Dublin airport before jetting off to Prague…

“It was purely a joke, it wasn’t political at all.

“We were just talking about getting a really big flag and were having a think about what to put on it. We just wanted to lighten the mood a bit – Germany gets quite a hard time.

They are now hoping the hash tag #donttellmerkel will now start trending on the social networking site Twitter as a bit of an in-joke among Ireland fans.

Gerry Nolan, 25, thinks Ireland could win it. “I’m hoping they will do ok. I’ve booked time off to the final so they would need to do well…”

Never mind Angela Merkel thinking he is at work, what do Mr Nolan’s bosses say about him taking so much time off?

We told them there would be no booze or women on the trip. We are here purely for the culture and the football.”

Good thing the BBC reporter had his Wellies on.

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