What 2-party system? New Mexico Republicans help Democrats campaign

It looks like Reform New Mexico Now got better results than the other political action committee located at 6100 Uptown Blvd. NE; Suite 590, Susana PAC — meaning Republican Gov. Susana Martinez might have had more influence in the Democratic primaries than in the GOP contests she got involved in…

Martinez batted .500 on the 2 Republican campaigns she dithered with.

However, despite complaints by the targets of its ads and robo-calls, Reform New Mexico Now had a much better scorecard Tuesday night, most notably in Carl Trujillo’s victory over Santa Fe Mayor David Coss. Coss’ campaign blamed the PAC’s involvement for the loss…

Reform New Mexico Now, which largely was funded by two Artesia oil companies that are major Martinez contributors also backed incumbent Sens. Phil Griego, Pete Campos, John Arthur Smith and George Munoz, as well as maverick Democratic Rep. Sandra Jeff — all of whom won. It’s not certain how big of a role the PAC had in these victories.

The PAC also attacked Rep. Eleanor Chavez of Albuquerque, who gave up her House seat to run for Senate. Chavez lost to Michael Padilla in that primary…

Steve Terrell learned of the involvement of Governor Martinez and her “separate” PAC, Reform New Mexico Now, just before the primaries…

Saturday, June 2nd…I mentioned in my story on campaign finances today that a PAC called Reform New Mexico Now, funded mostly by large backers of Republican Gov. Susana Martinez, has sent mailers praising House District 46 candidate Carl Trujillo as a future leader in education reform.

According to documents filed with the Secretary of State’s Office, the group’s major contributors are two Artesia oil companies that have been major backers of Gov. Susana Martinez. Chase Oil contributed $130,000 to the group, while Mack Energy gave $50,000.

Now I’ve learned that the PAC’s billing address on a receipt from the Secretary of State’s Office shows the group’s address on Uptown Boulevard in Albuquerque to be the same one used by Martinez’s Susana PAC as well as the governor’s political advisor Jay McCleskey…

Reform New Mexico Now has become involved in several Democratic legislative primaries around the state, mostly helping conservative Democratic incumbents. Heath Hausamen has a good story about the other races Reform New Mexico has become involved with…

And here are excerpts from Hausamen’s article

A Super PAC that appears to be trying to advance Republican Gov. Susana Martinez’s agenda is coming to the aid of at least three Democratic state senators who have sided with her on some issues in the past and are in tough primary battles.

The group, Reform New Mexico Now, would not answer a question about whether it has ties to Martinez or her political action committee Susana PAC. The mailers and radio ads it provided to NMPolitics.net state that they’re not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

But the group’s biggest donors are Martinez supporters. And its issues are Martinez’s issues…

Reform New Mexico Now said it would provide no other information, including listing other races it’s involved in. NMPolitics.net has learned that the group sent out a mailer attacking Rep. Eliseo Lee Alcon, D-Milan, who has been a Martinez foe. Alcon faces Billy Moore of Thoreau in the primary…

The group’s finance report reveals that it has raised $205,000, including $130,000 from Chase Oil Corporation and $50,000 from Mack Energy Corporation, both based in Artesia…

Chase Oil donated $75,000 to Martinez’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign. Mack Energy donated $100,000. They also donated $10,000 apiece to Susana PAC in April, six days after they gave money to Reform New Mexico Now.

Because it’s a Super PAC doing independent expenditures – which means there’s no coordination with candidates – Reform New Mexico Now isn’t subject to contribution limits.

This is more of the continuing saga of political campaigns controlled by corporate money. Now legal – with the cooperation of the Supreme Court ruling that corporations are people, too – the ethics of phony 2-party politics become even more muddy, blurred into a common cesspool of dollar politics.

What makes the stink more pronounced is the apparent collusion between incumbent Democrats and Republican PACS. We hear professions of innocence from incumbents who benefitted. Then, the governor says she’s simply glad to see Democrats re-elected who are willing to be bi-partisan and work with her on common interests.

From here, it looks like the common interests are bought and paid for by oil companies.

2 thoughts on “What 2-party system? New Mexico Republicans help Democrats campaign

  1. moss says:

    Democrats? No. Copout conservative Blue Dogs who pretend to be Democrats because it’s easier than working hard at convincing voters to change their ways.

    So they lie and mislead, accept greenbacks from even more practiced liars and misleaders.

    Voters get screwed, again.

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