Microsoft gives new meaning to Norwegian Wood

The precarious tightrope walk otherwise known as “turning a Microsoft developer event into something fun” has claimed a victim.

This time, it’s a Scandanavian Microsoft contractor who just couldn’t find a good rhyme for the word genius in putting together a little dance number at the software giant’s Norwegian Developer’s Conference, held in Oslo this past week.

Microsoft posted an apology to its Windows Azure YouTube channel after a video of the routine was posted to YouTube, saying it “involved inappropriate and offensive elements and vulgar language.”

“We apologize to our customers and our partners and are actively looking into the matter,” the company added.

Left unmentioned is the fact that it was just embarassingly lame.

The routine is the kind of thing you see all too often at these technology parties: Loud music with a disembodied voice rapping goofy lyrics while a half-dozen women in shorts dance in front of a roomful of bemused Norweigian software geeks, who have each paid about $1,500 to attend the three-day event…

The offending couplet: “I’m a computer gen-i-us / The words micro and soft don’t apply to my penis

On the teleprompter, genius is misspelled “genious” and the words “(or vagina)” are added below “penis” in the spirit of gender equality.

If you feel the need to enter Microsoft’s demented twilight zone – the video is at the bottom of this WIRED article. Just click the link above.

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