Hitchhiker writing a book on the “Kindness of America” — injured in random drive-by shooting


A man hitchhiking across the US while writing a memoir called ‘The Kindness of America’ has been hurt in a random drive-by shooting.

Ray Dolin was sitting by US Highway 2 in Montana waiting for a ride on Saturday evening when a man drove up, rolled down his window, shot him in the arm and drove off, Valley County Sheriff Glen Meier said.

Mr Dolin had approached the truck thinking the driver was offering him a ride, the sheriff said.

Mr Dolin flagged down a passer-by and was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries. A nurse said Monday he was not taking calls or accepting messages.

The suspected shooter, 52-year-old Charles Lloyd Danielson III, was arrested about four hours later. Authorities said he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Sheriff Meier said there appears to be no connection between the men…”He was sitting down to have a little lunch, and this guy drives up. He thought he was going to give him a ride, and as he approached the vehicle, the guy pulls out his weapon and shoots him. It’s as simple as that,” Sheriff Meier said.

An average day in an average life – in the greatest nation in the world. How do I know this last quality is true? Our politicians, pundits and priests tell me so.

One thought on “Hitchhiker writing a book on the “Kindness of America” — injured in random drive-by shooting

  1. moss says:

    It’s why we watch the local news from Albuquerque each day. To see who was shot in which neighborhood – in the last 24 hours.

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