Funniest story about sex and TV news – of the week

A young Chinese reporter is mortified after mistaking a sex toy for a rare mushroom in a television report.

Villagers from Liucunbu, a rural community outside western Chinese city of Xi’an, discovered the sex toy while drilling a new well shaft…Confused about what they had found, they alerted the local news station, Xi’an TV station, which immediately sent young female reporter Yunfeng Ye to the scene.

Arriving at the village, she then did an in-depth piece about the unidentified ‘meaty’ mushroom, including numerous close-ups.

Describing the ‘mushroom’ Ye commented: ‘We can see there is something like a mouth; and on the other side there is a hole that connects all the way through to the other end. It is very smooth. It feels very much like meat…’

However, following the broadcast numerous watchers called up the TV station to say that the mystery ‘mushroom’ was actually a sex toy for men…

The day after the programme aired the news station posted an apology on Sina Weibo, a Chinese blogging website.

‘Our program last night made everyone laugh,’ the apology said, expressing regret for an ‘uncomfortable and misleading’ report…’Our reporter is very young and sheltered.’


Thanks, Ursarodinia

One thought on “Funniest story about sex and TV news – of the week

  1. Ursa says:

    The follow-up story is that an enterprising hawker is trying to sell the rubber sex toys as taisui mushrooms for $2,800 to people who only heard the first story. He’s even got extras taisuis floating in a bucket of water next to him. You know, to keep them fresh.

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