What sort of conservative is anti-science and anti-contraception?

I’ve had this article sitting in the To Do folder too long. Though always relevant – as long as conservatives ally themselves with Know-Nothing nutballs – this seems like a reasonable weekend to suggest a little objective thought.

How can it be that we are firmly into the 21st century and reading claims that birth control pills can cause prostate cancer and abort babies? Or, my personal favorite, that a woman can be considered pregnant before her egg unites with a sperm?

Such falsehoods are being touted not by yahoos but by educated conservatives who, in growing numbers, choose to ignore what science tells them…

Our country’s top health agency, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, counts contraception as one of the 10 greatest health achievements of the 20th century. Yet recently…Some members of Congress, in their attempt to derail legislation requiring insurers, including the insurers of some religious organizations, to cover birth control, falsely argued that Plan B, the “morning after” pill taken after sex in order to avoid pregnancy, causes abortions.

It does not, nor do other methods of contraception, James N. Martin, Jr., president of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, pointed out in a letter to the editor in USA Today. “The definition of contraception is to prevent pregnancy, which occurs at implantation,” he wrote…

Not all political conservatives are Flat Earthers, of course. But there are proportionately more of them than there used to be…

Here’s what the world is really about when it comes to using birth control: Women, notably millennials, the largest generation ever, are pursuing higher education, jobs and careers, having sex and bearing children, all according to a timetable that works best for them, their partners and their babies.

They couldn’t do this if birth control wasn’t accessible, affordable and safe. Demonizing it amounts to telling these women to throw out their briefcases and take up their vacuum cleaners. Conservative opposition to contraception has a last-gasp ring to it, and most Americans know that.

Educated conservatives used to count and care for conservation as a root cause in their ideology. Fiscal conservatism in the minds of Americans with a collegiate understanding of science and the environment easily joined and led thoughtful political movements against pollution, protecting endangered species – and access for all Americans to the fruits of modern knowledge.

Since Republican Party politics began the downward political spiral with Nixon’s open arms to Dixiecrats and racism – marched further along to a puritan drumbeat under the trickle-down silliness of Reagan and Stockman – and finally made ethics and propaganda completely subservient to ignorant idol-worshippers under George W. Bush, being called a RINO – a Republican-In-Name-Only – mandates a rejection of science akin to a Mississippi tent meeting on the 4th of July.

As a predictable footnote, let me remind you all of a previous Republican presidential primary debate when the question was asked, “Do you believe in evolution?” The world was aghast and somewhat amused when three of the candidates disagreed. No one even asked that question this time around.

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