Chile and China to double trade between the two nations by 2015

China’s Premier Wen Jiabao and Chile’s President Sebastian Pinera
Daylife/AP Photo used by permission

Top metals consumer China and world no. 1 copper producer Chile plan to double their bilateral trade to $60 billion by 2015, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said on Tuesday during an official visit to Chile.

China has made relatively few major investments in the Andean country, despite being its main trade partner and sharing a free trade agreement.

The president and I have agreed to double bilateral trade by 2015, to reach $60 billion in volume,” Wen said during a joint press conference with Chilean president Sebastian Pinera…The two leaders signed an agreement to give investors security for their investments in either of the two countries, Chile’s foreign minister Alfredo Moreno told Reuters…

Trade between the two Pacific rim countries is currently around $30 billion. The Asian giant’s avid demand for commodities has boosted the economies of many export-dependent Latin American countries.

Chinese renewable energy company Sky Solar, state-backed China Development Bank and Chilean industrial group Sigdo Koppers plan to make a Chinese firm’s biggest investment in the Andean country: a $900 million solar energy park, export promotion agency ProChile said earlier on Tuesday.

Perish the thought we might encourage that sort of investment in the United States. The last few times China has tried to do so, Cold Warriors in Congress put the kibosh on the deals. Someday, somehow, we will have a government that understands you can better get along with another nation by trucking business up and down a 2-way street.

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