Who would you trust during an alien invasion — from outer space?


A new survey definitively shows how Americans feel about what is almost certainly the most important issue facing the country: which candidate is better able to deal with an alien invasion?

The results of the survey…offer a decisve victory for President Obama in the extraterrestrial diplomacy arena, a portfolio he has no doubt watched closely during his administration. 65% of survey respondents believe Obama would handle an alien invasion better than Romney.

Selected findings include the following:

– 36% of Americans think UFOs exist; 11% believe they have personally seen one.

– If the traditional intergalactic diplomatic process ran amok, and superheroes somehow became real, 21% of respondents would request the Hulk’s assistance. 12% would flash the Bat Signal, while just 8% would trust Spiderman…

– A vast majority of the public – 79% – believe the U.S. government has kept information about UFOs secret.

While I intend to use all means available to stiffen the backbone of debate interlocutors sufficiently to get someone to ask both candidates for a “Yes” or “No” on whether they believe in evolution – I may have to settle for plans to combat alien invasion.

2 thoughts on “Who would you trust during an alien invasion — from outer space?

  1. wordmatchmaker says:

    I just watched a wonderful TEDTalk (http://www.ted.com/talks/seth_shostak_et_is_probably_out_there_get_ready.html) about finding extraterrestrial life in the next 24 years. Of course, this is a much different scenario, as the speaker is discussing our efforts to locate remote intelligent life in the galaxy. So this isn’t about flying saucers, but the speaker emphasizes the problem with misinformation among the public – particularly the fact that so many people believe that aliens have already reached Earth. Yikes!

    Thanks for the good read!

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