Patient died in hospital from dehydration — even rang up the coppers for a drink of water — UPDATED

Rita Cronin and her son, Kane Gorny

A 22 year old who died from dehydration whilst in hospital was so desperate for a drink of water he phoned the police from his bed for help…Kane Gorny’s mum Rita Cronin told an inquest into her son’s death that when the police turned up at St George’s Hospital, Tooting, they were turned away by doctors and she was repeatedly ignored by staff when she begged for help for her son.

Giving evidence at the first day of a four-day inquest, she revealed how she received a distressed phone call from her son the day after his operation, in which he revealed he had called the police because he was so desperate for a drink…

Despite expressing her concerns that he was not behaving normally, one doctor asked if he was “coming off booze” and another asked if he was “always like this.”

Kane, who had been a keen footballer and runner until he suffered a brain tumour the previous year, was undergoing a routine hip replacement after life-saving steroids he had been given had weakened his bones.

Due to his condition, he needed hormone medication to control fluid levels in his body, but despite repeated reminders by Kane and his family, staff failed to give him the tablets.

He became severely dehydrated but his requests for water were refused and he died on May 28 2009…

A coroner had such grave concerns about the case she referred it to the police.

RTFA. The tale of what this poor lad and his mother went through affirms my conviction that the last place I want to spend time for illness – is a hospital. There is no better place to catch an ailment you’d never otherwise come into contact with. There doesn’t seem to be anywhere in the world more likely to screw up your records and medical recommendations. There isn’t anyplace more likely to ignore you – unto death.

Yes, I’ve known many dedicated doctors and nurses. I used to work in one of the best teaching hospitals in the United States. I can acknowledge from personal experience that the lowest-paid, lowliest on the totem pole of respect, are generally the warmest people you will meet in any hospital. None of which changes the odds of not surviving the stay or aftermath.

UPDATE: Specialist doctors at the bloody hospital swear they didn’t know this patient was in the hospital. Does someone have to lead them by the hand to find the restrooms, as well?

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