Dumb crook of the day

What the manager found when he arrived at work 🙂

A boneheaded burglary suspect was caught red-handed when the garage door of the store he was trying to rob slammed down on his head, trapping him there for nine hours.

Manuel Fernandes was stuck at the Rent-A-Center in Brockton, Mass. until an employee arrived around 8:45 a.m. Tuesday morning…

Police say he pried open the garage door and used a metal bed post as a support, then squeezed underneath. But the support didn’t hold, and Fernandes was pinned to the ground, the garage door resting on his head.

When John Rodriquez, a manager at the furniture and electronics store, showed up the next morning, he was shocked to see Fernandes, who said he’d been stuck there since around midnight.

Rodriquez asked Fernandes if he was okay but didn’t help him out. In video recorded on the employee’s cell phone, he’s heard telling the alleged would-be robber to “hang tight” and wait for police.

Detective Paul Bonanca says Fernandes, who told police he was homeless, complained of a headache and was taken to a hospital.

Yes – and then he was taken to jail.

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