Scouting in Oz joins the 21st Century

Australia’s Guides have dropped any reference to the Queen or God in their “promise”…

Instead of promising to “do my duty to God, to serve the Queen and my country”, Guides will now promise to “be true to myself and to serve my community and Australia”.

Belinda Allen, director of Girl Guides Australia, said the change followed extensive consultation over 18 months…”Many of the members didn’t feel that with our multicultural community of people from 200 nations that it was necessarily relevant for the Queen to be mentioned,” she said…

The “promise” is a pledge that Guides make soon after they join.

“We’ve been on a journey for the past few decades of redefining ourselves and community organisations are going through that process too,” said David Morris, national director of the Australian Republican Movement.

“I think we can all agree that our commitment is to this country and it can be a very inclusive thing, including respect for individuals who have a close connection to another country.”

Since 1994, Australia’s citizenship pledge has not included any mention of the Queen. Instead new citizens must pledge loyalty to “Australia and its people“…

At the same time as removing the Queen from their promise, the Guides will also remove the reference to God. “Our members feel very strongly that we are open to girls of all faiths and our indigenous belief systems do not have a god, so we feel that this new promise will be more inclusive,” Allen said.

Politicians here in the States would crap their pants if someone tried to bring scouting, public service, patriotism or Congress into alignment with thought sufficiently modern to match this.

Cripes, the hacks inside the Beltway are barely beyond the 19th Century whether the topic is economics or science, sociology or liberty.

Kudos to the Guides in Australia.

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