Coca-Cola soon to be sold in bottle-shaped plastic bags


Apparently in many parts of Central America, expensive soda drinks like Coca-Cola are served up in plastic Ziploc bags—instead of glass or plastic bottles—so they’re more affordable. And so the iconic and highly recognizable shape of the Coke bottle isn’t lost, the sugar water maker has created these Coca-Cola bags as a low-cost alternative to its traditional packaging.

Besides being cheaper to produce, and probably even cheaper to ship, the Coca-Cola bags are supposedly more eco-friendly than plastic bottles, and even glass bottles and cans which require quite a bit of energy to recycle.

What do you think? Would you drink Coke out of a plastic bag? There are many cola connoisseurs who claim that Coca-Cola just tastes better out of a glass bottle, and would probably turn their noses up at this idea. But if it’s better for the environment, maybe the company should start distributing these in North America as well.

Keep on rocking in the Free World!

I’m the wrong guy to ask, anyway. It’s been several years since my New Year’s Resolution was to stop drinking carbonated beverages. Never looked back.

5 thoughts on “Coca-Cola soon to be sold in bottle-shaped plastic bags

      • Mark says:

        I can understand that. I find that my decline in beer drinking is inversely proportional to my whiskey drinking. Does Guinness count as beer?

        • eideard says:

          Guinness is a food group unto itself. Consider – there are qualitative differences when the family sits down for a holiday meal featuring my Guinness and steak pie. 🙂

  1. cissyblue says:

    Very concerned Mom studies her daughter’s face and says, “Tell me now. Have you ever tried Coca-Cola? “No, of course not, Mom!” she comes back defiantly, “Over half of all the kids at school are totally addicted.” (c. 1969) Now fast foward to the year 2030 and replay.

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