Maternal death rate could diminish by a third with open access to contraception

Republican panel on birth control – no one who could possibly get pregnant!

A new study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University shows that fulfilling unmet contraception demand by women in developing countries could reduce global maternal mortality by nearly a third, a potentially great improvement for one of the world’s most vulnerable populations.

The study…comes ahead of a major family planning conference in London organized by the British government and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that is an attempt to refocus attention on the issue…

The issue of family planning is fraught in the United States, where government assistance often gets caught up in political battles. Contraception has again become controversial this political season, though the United States remains a major donor…

This is only controversial in the minds of the mindless, backwards religious and rightwing nutballs — and cowards afeared of confronting them..

Maternal deaths have declined dramatically since 1990, down by a third, according to the World Health Organization…But about 16 percent of the world’s population lives in countries where fertility is still more than four children per woman, Mr. May said. The numbers of people are expected to more than triple in these places during this century, an issue that is urgent not only for their economies and environment, but also for the women themselves, who women’s rights advocates argue would benefit from more power to decide about bearing children…

Birth control reduces health risks, the researchers said, by delaying first pregnancies, which carry higher risks in very young women; cutting down on unsafe abortions, which account for 13 percent of all maternal deaths in developing countries; and controlling dangers associated with pregnancies that are too closely spaced.

Reactionaries hate and fear independent women, women who govern and guide their own lives – almost as much as they fear the liberty they prattle about in the dim halls of phony debate.

Politicians who chair hearings on why women should obey priests and pundits – without inviting a single female voice – are the signal example of what this discussion is about. Foolish men trying to hold onto a past when they believe silent and obedient citizens were the happiest in history.

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