US navy shoots up a “threatening” fishing boat off UAE coast

USNS Rappahannock

An Indian fisherman was killed and three people were wounded when a US navy ship fired at their boat off Dubai in the southern Gulf, a United Arab Emirates official said.

“The firing has led to the death of one Indian national and serious injury of three Indian nationals,” Tarek al-Hedan…told the official WAM news agency…

Lieutenant Greg Raelson, a spokesman for the US navy’s Bahrain-based 5th Fleet, said that sailors aboard the USNS Rappahannock opened fire on the boat after it ignored warnings…”US ships have an inherent right to self defence against potential threats…

The Rappahannock – with a crew of 81 civilians and three military officers – was headed into the UAE port of Jebel Ali when the small motor boat came within 8km of it, the navy said.

Dozens of police and other Emirati officials crowded around the boat after it docked following the incident at a small Dubai port used by fishermen and sailors. The boat was removed from the port shortly afterward.

Rescue workers were seen carrying one person in a body bag off the white-hulled boat and placing it in an ambulance as fishermen looked on…

Gangsters always think someone’s out to get them. Shoot first and ask questions later is an honored dicho in American history. Even when it leads to dead civilians.

Take a look at this map and decide for yourself which nations look like the aggressors in the region. The various icons denote US military bases – and those belonging to their most loyal flunkies.

3 thoughts on “US navy shoots up a “threatening” fishing boat off UAE coast

  1. fiddlestix says:

    You don’t know they did not “ask questions” first. The US Navy says they did.

    You don’t know who the Indian nationals are. Iran would have needed only one agent on that boat to provoke this incident.

    Seems your “dicho” is “post first and ask NO questions.”

    • god says:

      Most folks untethered by ideology to automagically defend our military, our politicians, would acknowledge that offering words and opinions – especially Eid with some history of knowledge in the region – is a helluva lot less dangerous than a .50-calibre machine gun.

      Nothing new or surprising added in the subsequent 24 hours. Eid’s first educated guess – posted at another site – was that this was a fishing boat which has proven to be correct. Testimony from the region – including that from the wounded survivors on that boat – say no warnings occurred.

      These were not kids out sportfishing. These were men who have been earning their living in these waters for years – unlike the “contractors” on the Navy vessel. That’s right. Contractors – not US military. The fishermen scoffed at the excuses, saying they know what accepted marine warnings are. All they were doing was passing in front of the Navy vessel to get to port and unload their fish.

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