Hero of the day – 52-yr-old bus driver catches falling girl


Keyla McCree crawled out of her bedroom window and was dancing atop an air-conditioning unit when she lost her footing and plunged towards the concrete below.

She was saved by a neighbour who had looked up when he heard the girl, who suffers from autism, singing above.

Steve St Bernard, 52, a bus driver and fellow resident at Coney Island Houses building in Brooklyn caught the girl in his outstretched arms…”I just prayed that I’d catch her,” Mr St Bernard told the New York Daily News. “I was right underneath her…”

Witnesses told police that the child had pushed aside the accordion closure that held a newly installed air conditioning unit in her apartment.

She crawled out through the empty space around 2pm and astonished onlookers as she sang and danced a routine on the ledge.

Mr St Bernard heard the commotion and went to help

The girl walked away unscathed but her rescuer was treated for a torn tendon in his left bicep.

RTFA for the details. The important part was that an ordinary guy, a bus driver, heard the commotion – saw what the danger was – and stationed himself to help the little girl if the worst happened.

It did. And he saved her.

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