Workers at Bain plant send petition to Romney to save their jobs

These folks are getting the outsourced jobs — Do you think they trust Bain?

As Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney faces a withering attack over outsourcing and layoffs by his former firm, Bain Capital, employees at a Bain-owned company are appealing to Romney to stop their jobs being shipped overseas…

The plant’s employees are calling on Romney to use his influence with former Bain colleagues to keep the plant open.

The workers signed a petition asking him to help, and the Freeport City Council passed a motion on Monday urging the candidate to step in to save the jobs.

“If he wanted to, all he needs to do is call up the management of Bain Capital and say, ‘Look, don’t do this,'” said Tom Gaulrapp, who has worked at the factory for 33 years…

As a major investor in Sensata, Romney could gain from an outsourcing move that is likely to cut costs and increase the company’s presence in emerging markets.

Romney owns at least $7.8 million in eight Bain funds that collectively hold 51 percent of Sensata’s shares, according to a disclosure report he released in June.

Sensata bought the Freeport plant as part of an acquisition of Honeywell International’s auto-sensor business in late 2010. The 170 jobs there were at risk from the start of the purchase…In their first meeting with their new employers when the deal was completed in January 2011, workers at the plant were told their jobs would be eliminated by the end of 2012.

Chinese workers have since been brought in to learn how to operate the equipment. The first batch of layoff notices went out last week…

No doubt Romney will consider all the political factors involved in this decision – and do nothing. He’s a do-nothing kind of guy.

8 thoughts on “Workers at Bain plant send petition to Romney to save their jobs

  1. DYNAMOpolitics says:

    “He’s a do-nothing kind of guy.”

    ‘Cept he went to Harvard, founded a billion-dollar business, saved the olympics, ran a state (and cut the debt) and won the Republican nomination. I think he might have done more than you have… He’s certainly done more than me.

    Also, he left Bain in ’99 so he wasn’t involved in most (if not all) of the outsourcing. That’s supported by WaPo,, CNN, CNBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, Politico, Forbes, the people who worked with him on the Olympics, Bain itself, and several Democrats (one of which works for the Obama campaign). He’s just on the SEC documents as a shareholder, so don’t even start with that.

    • moss says:

      Always interesting to hear from a True Believer – how do you feel about Romneycare?

      I’ll just sort a couple of the more blatant lies:

      Romney was hired to front for Bain – not found it. Negotiations took several months because he was so concerned about any fiscal risk. The guarantees advanced by the founding group of investors were well beyond anything usual at the time.

      Romney ran up unemployment in MA the same way he cut debt. He put people out of work.

      “Romney owns at least $7.8 million in eight Bain funds that collectively hold 51 percent of Sensata’s shares, according to a disclosure report he released in June.” Not a fact? Romney says it is.

      Winning the Republican nomination requires money and a willingness to flip-flop on a daily basis to satisfy whichever group of nutters you’re talking to. It also helps to be competing with the weakest crew of loonies on the fringe of conservative politics in decades.

      Your 2nd paragraph is a lie en toto – but, I imagine it makes you feel good to repeat it. All you left out is this week’s birther claptrap.

      • DYNAMOpolitics says:

        The birther controversy is just as false as these Bain allegations. In fact, many in the middle see it as the exact same line of attack.

        Romney has without a doubt created more jobs than he’s lost. Add up the list of companies he funded and subtract those he lost and you still end up with a huge gain.

        You call my citation of several news organizations a “lie.” I hate to say this but to the unbiased observer reading through these comments that looks desperate. They’ve done far more research than you have.

        And again, you’re equating ownership and management. I own shares of Apple, but I’m not actively managing the company. By all accounts Romney was not actively managing Bain after 1999. The fact that you continue to ignore the verification of this from sources on the right, left, and in the middle again makes your argument look weak.

        But it’s just like arguing with the birther people. If you don’t like the facts, just deny them. We all have our own fantasies, I suppose.

        • moss says:

          Still avoiding Romneycare – surely you can cherrypick sourcesto support lies about that, as well?

          Reality still puts the lie to sophistry. You own a few shares of Apple. Woop-de-doo. So do I. But, Romney’s investment in Bain is more like CalPers shares in Apple.

          The reality remains – Romney will do nothing to try to help the folks losing their jobs at Sensata. As expected.

          • DYNAMOpolitics says:

            Oh I don’t necessarily agree with Mitt on everything and while Romneycare had strong support in MA I wouldn’t want it where I live. I’m not sure who CalPers is but they’re not actively managing the company.

            And, CNN, CNBC, ABC, FOX, and the dozen-or-so other sources I listed are not cherry-picked. Again, they are from all sides, from large organizations with experience in fact checking. Like I said earlier, someone reading through these comments is not going to believe your outsourcing claim because it is simply not true. I’ve provided dozens of sources, you’ve misrepresented one. That’s the difference, and that’s why I’ve won this little debate.

          • moss says:

            You don’t know who CalPers is? You should pay more attention to the range of factors affecting your investments. Especially if you prefer investment-grade equities.

            Cherrypicking is as easy for article as sources. Most of today’s news-as-entertainment sources cover their buns with both sides of any question.

            I have no interest in “debating” beginners. especially those who declare themselves “winners”. Hilarious.

            I support sites like this one – and the other sites where Eid and his peers post on a larger scale. I find the breadth of topics Eideard embraces at his personal blog a good match to my own interests in science and society.

            If you think you’re a serious challenge to the processes and outcomes Eideard often addresses in American and global politics wander over here or here.

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