Two doctors charged for drugs and deaths

Two South Florida doctors involved in a pill mill operation that collected $40 million and dispensed more than 20 million pain pills within two years are facing charges in the deaths of nine people, federal prosecutors said Friday.

Officials say the physicians — Cynthia Cadet, 42, of Parkland, and Joseph Castronuovo, 72, of Key Largo — worked as vital tools in the Broward- and Palm Beach County-based operation that distributed oxycodone pills to addicts without any regard for their health.

Both face the possibility of life in prison if convicted

A 34-page indictment…attributed the deaths of nine people to oxycodone parceled out at the pill mills…

The two doctors were among 32 people arrested last year on multiple charges ranging from racketeering to fraud and illegal drug sales…Twenty-eight of those arrested have already entered guilty pleas and been sentenced…

The indictment alleges the doctors often relied on preliminary radiology reports in prescribing large quantities of drugs, and knew that many of their patients came from outside Florida, where stricter controls of the pills were in place.

Just as I’ve worked with some great lawyers in my time, I’ve worked with some wonderful doctors. Going down either road, the public leaders of both professions spend more time supporting gross incomes more often than ethical standards or progressive policies.

I blame them as much as this corrupt pair on trial in Florida.

Throw away the key.

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