Republicans offer $5 billion subsidy to AgriBiz — cut $16 billion from food stamps

Farmers would get another round of the $5 billion a year “direct payment” subsidy, targeted by reformers as wasteful spending, in a Republican-drawn offer of disaster aid for farmers hurt by the worst drought in half a century…

The direct payment, paid to cotton, grain and soybean growers regardless of need, was marked for elimination in farm bills in the House and Senate this year. Budget hawks and environmentalists said the direct payment is wasted money, considering the farm sector enjoys boom times and the huge federal deficit.

An advocate for small farmers, the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, called for the House to “vote down this dirty extension bill.” The bill would cut soil and water conservation programs while keeping the direct payment, it said…

Food stamps for the poor would be cut by $16 billion in the House farm bill, the largest cuts since the 1990s. Democrats want to eliminate the food stamp cuts while some Republicans want deeper cuts throughout the farm bill.

RTFA for the details. It stinks like old fish on ice. Exactly what we have come to expect from Republicans and the Kool Aid Party.

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