A silly conversation with turkeys

For a while, my maternal grandparents raised turkeys on their farm. One of the reasons their farmstead was called Turkey Hill.

There is nothing dumber than a turkey. Turkeys stampede. Turkeys stampede, crushing each other when an airplane passes over, thinking it is a hawk and they must flee.

It can start to rain – and turkeys will stand and gaze up at the falling rain, mouths agape – and drown.

Thanks for reminding me, Ursarodina

One thought on “A silly conversation with turkeys

  1. Ursa says:

    This video reminded me of:
    Our annual after-Thanksgiving-dinner walk was to a home where they kept chickens & turkeys in the yard. If we timed it right, we arrived in time to watch the turkeys take flight into the trees to roost for the night. Since the leaves had just fallen, these big cumbersome birds were ‘hiding’ in the bare branches of the trees.

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