Tell Homeland Security to stop hiring mall cop dropouts!

The bomb was nice and safe under his desk

A federal review cites poor judgment by a security guard who found a bag outside a government building in Detroit last year and stashed it under a desk where it remained for weeks — with neither the guard nor anyone else in the building aware that it contained a bomb…

“Although the IED…did not explode, it represented a risk to the safety and security of the building and its occupants,” the report said.

After the bomb was discovered it was detonated harmlessly by Detroit police. A Michigan man subsequently was charged with placing the device in a canvas bag outside the building.

The canvas bag, containing a small locked Sentry safe, was discovered February 26, 2011, outside the 27-story building that houses the FBI and other offices and remained at the guard desk until it was identified as a threat three weeks later.

During that time, at least two employees X-rayed it in an unsuccessful attempt to determine its contents. One guard shook it in another failed attempt to learn more, and a federal inspector conducted four routine checks of the guard post without discovering that the bag contained an explosive device, according to the report by the inspector general, an independent watchdog…

In addition to receiving refresher training just three months before the incident, the guard was a sergeant with the Detroit Police Department. One FPS official asserted that he was one of the best guards in the building

That fills you with confidence, doesn’t it?

But on the day of the incident, the guard “misidentified the bag as found property and never treated it as suspicious, despite not knowing its contents,” the report said.

The bag was placed under the security desk in the McNamara building, where other security guards did not consider it suspicious because the space was used to store found property and personal belongings…

Following the incident, DECO fired the guard in question…

DECO also fired a guard and a supervisor who X-rayed the bag and incorrectly identified its contents. A second supervisor resigned before being fired, the report said. Numerous others were suspended, given written warnings, or retrained, it said.

You shouldn’t be surprised when a whole new class of security is instituted on behalf of a paranoid nation, batshit cowardly bureaucrats plus the usual cluster of opportunist politicians. You get screwups led by fools – operating with rules drawn up by politicians.

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