Aides to Republican Congressman busted forging election petitions

What Republican election fraud really looks like

Four staffers of former U.S. Rep. Thad McCotter, R-Livonia were charged today in connection with the false nominating petitions that led to McCotter’s departure from Congress…

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette…He said the petition forgeries and cut-and-paste jobs on the petitions “would make an elementary art teacher cringe.”

Schuette said the McCotter staffers also likely did the same thing in the 2008 elections, using 2006 petition signatures.

“Let me tell you this, we find any other evidence, we’ll review it in the same painstaking … thorough fashion,” Schuette said at a late-morning news conference.

Schuette blasted McCotter for being “asleep at the switch,” and providing no guidance to his staffers…”They acted above the law as if it didn’t apply to them,” Schuette said.

There is no specific evidence that McCotter was involved in the petition fraud, so the former congressman, who resigned in July, was not charged.

“Their motive is immaterial,” Schuette said. “They set a standard of conduct that is disgraceful.”

RTFA for all the delightful details.

It is pretty hilarious that in an electoral season characterized by Republican officials in every state trying to get senior citizens, poor people, minorities thrown off the voting rolls because they are more likely to vote for Democrats, one of the biggest election frauds in the country is perpetrated by clowns working for a Republican Congressman.

Here in New Mexico, our Secretary of State did her big – “I think there are tens of thousands of illegals registered and voting…” – and after she finished wasting tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars she discovered exactly 19 people who probably registered to vote because they thought they were eligible – but, still never had voted.

This crap never ends.

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