Goodyear turning to soybeans to make longer lasting tires

Goodyear Tire and Rubber is working on a new technology that can help make its tires less expensive to produce and last longer and it involves something that the U.S. has plenty of – soybeans.

Goodyear researchers have found that using soybean oil in the manufacturing process can extend the tread life of tires and significantly reduce the amount of petroleum required, “up to seven million gallons each year” for the company as a whole. Adding soy to rubber compounds in tire production, the company says, has proven to improve the mixing process, and creates a better rubber compound. The soy helps the rubber blend easier with the silica, a basic component of ordinary beach sand and an integral tire ingredient…

…Adding soy, Goodyear says, could enhance its already strong reputation for quality. Goodyear has consistently been a top pick in…tire ratings. Therefore, a 10-percent increase to tread life could play well with consumers looking to get more miles for their tire bucks.

“Consumers benefit through improved tread life, Goodyear gains with increased efficiency and energy savings and we all win whenever there is a positive impact on the environment.” said Jean-Claude Kihn, Goodyear’s chief technical officer, in a statement.

Looks as if these critters could be available in the marketplace in 3 more years. Saving money is always useful. Saving money on lower initial cost – and extended life and mileage is a bonus.

2 thoughts on “Goodyear turning to soybeans to make longer lasting tires

  1. Michelle at Motley News says:

    Goodness… has it been that long since I’ve visited here? I started at your most recently published post and been going backwards. I had no idea it had been that long! Sorry if I’m filling up your notifications….

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