Tampa abandons efforts to evict Romneyville protesters

Daylife/Reuters Pictures used by permission

Protesters who have set up a camp dubbed “Romneyville” in a restricted area near the site where the Republican National Convention will be held later this month in Tampa can stop worrying about being evicted.

City council members agreed on Thursday to abandon their efforts to look into potential violations of land-use laws or other ordinances with a view to evicting the protesters from the restricted so-called event zone near the convention site.

City officials told the council that they had issued zoning violation notices to some property owners two days earlier, warning that camping and tents on the site were not permitted.

But the property owners have 21 days to act, meaning that any actual evictions would not occur before the August 27-30 Republican presidential nominating convention is over.

In addition to the “Romneyville” camp, the city council ruling affects a West Tampa private park outside the event zone where members of the Occupy Tampa protest movement had been expected to camp out during the convention…

Occupy Tampa member Heidi Halsworth told the council the park would only be used as a base for protesters to get water, food or information, however, and that only several hundred demonstrators would be there at any one time.

“Romneyville” is a play on the term “Hooverville,” the popular name for shantytowns built by homeless people during the Great Depression. They were named after President Herbert Hoover because he was widely blamed for letting the nation slide into depression.

As we all know, today’s Republican Party is run by ideologues whose understanding of history, economics and society are roughly up to the 1920’s and Herbert Hoover – at best.

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