An early morning bee

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We have several bushes outside the living room windows planted just because they keep the neighborhood bees happy. Though we haven’t any beekeepers in the family, right now, the tradition is honored. Who knows? Maybe one of us will add it to life on Lot 4?

One thought on “An early morning bee

  1. Pantheist says:

    Petals produce a ‘blue halo’ that helps bees find flowers (University of Cambridge) Latest research has found that several common flower species have nanoscale ridges on the surface of their petals that meddle with light when viewed from certain angles.
    These nanostructures scatter light particles in the blue to ultraviolet colour spectrum, generating a subtle effect that scientists have christened the ‘blue halo’.
    By manufacturing artificial surfaces that replicated ‘blue halos’, scientists were able to test the effect on pollinators, in this case foraging bumblebees. They found that bees can see the blue halo, and use it as a signal to locate flowers more efficiently.

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