Bank manager forced to rob her own bank

Click on photo to play video – yes, you may get a commercial…

Two suspected robbers at an East Los Angeles Bank of America, who kidnapped the bank manager and strapped her with apparent explosives, avoided being seen on bank security cameras…

The men stole a significant amount of cash from the bank Wednesday morning. FBI and Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials said the woman was told to get money from the bank vault, then toss it in a bag out the back door of the bank.

The men were beyond the range of the cameras, officials said…

The suspected robbers also were wearing masks, and there has been little description provided. They remain on the loose…

The heist was considered very unusual because of the nature of the robbery. Bank managers are rarely kidnapped, experts said. Even rarer is the use of an explosive device.

In this case, the men strapped what appeared to be a pipe bomb to the woman’s chest and ordered her to rob her own bank…The device later was removed from her body by a sheriff’s bomb squad technician inside the bank. It was detonated outside on the street and later determined to be inert…

I imagine she was feeling damned near inert herself – by then.

Bank employees are always under orders to cooperate to the fullest during a robbery. It’s more important to keep folks alive than to play hero for insured money.

As for bank managers being in danger – this actually wasn’t uncommon 15-20 years ago. I had a couple of clients who were bank officials, even one board member. They had panic buttons installed in their homes for just such a circumstance. But, again – staying alive was the highest priority.

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