Just for people who don’t get the scientific usage of “theory”

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8 Responses to Just for people who don’t get the scientific usage of “theory”

  1. synapticcohesion says:

    You can observe the effects of gravity. You cannot observe evolution, only adaptation.

    • moss says:

      If you cannot understand reality, the precision of study – even if the instruments of the mind are imprecise – then, you may sit around and play semantic games grounded in your fear and cowardice.

      The record of progress is only impenetrable to those afraid to study and learn. Alas, it is not the task of science to explain what is reasonable to those who fear conclusions beyond superstitious rote. If you won’t – or can’t – engage understanding, you are stuck like a fly on flypaper in the past. Left behind to shrivel and die.

      The rest will move society forward as inexorable as evolution.

    • god says:

      You cannot observe evolution? You have not progressed as far as the micrometer. Or radio.

      • synapticcohesion says:

        Not not a radical change from unicellular to multicellular, nor from knuckle-dragging apes to bipedal humans. In desperation, you can call adaptive changes and selective breeding “evolution,” but they are not. And no one has to learn about evolution to know about adaptation, resistance, homeostasis, etc.–we already know that these are possible and observable without ever having to accept the evolution story about our origins.

        • Marko says:

          Conclusions derived from measurement, experimentation – reproducible, verifiable are not the fables written by small minds that rely on small stories to explain the noises beyond the mouth of the cave.

          You may believe in stories. The volume of science reaches conclusions that in turn provide foundations for each future advance. The rest is silence, a few insects chirping.

      • kevin says:

        Seems the point of the Johanson poster is proven by the responses from the “defender” of creationist balderdash. He cannot and does not speak to the point of the poster.

        I’d rather point to the latest door that opened to the world of evolutionary biology that Eid blogged about last week:


  2. eideard says:

    Folks – don’t waste too much time and space trying to educate someone who rejects 150 years of science. Drosophila still rules!

  3. eideard says:

    A couple times a year we bump into a troll who persists in wandering endlessly in off-topic prattle – essentially, I believe, trying to advertise their own blog or tawdry belief. Just too boring for us to put up with. So, for the 2nd time [I think] this year I’m closing the comments on a post. Folks are still free to “Like” the premise of the post.

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