Passengers on a Ryanair flight apparently bitten by ticks

An addition to air travel staff?

Passengers on a Ryanair flight from Denmark to Rome say they plan to sue the airline after they were allegedly bitten by ticks during the flight.

The consumer watchdog Codacons plans to take legal action against the airline, based in Ireland, on behalf of passengers on the Thursday flight…Codacons said in a statement Friday it will file a complaint with the Rome prosecutor’s office and seek compensation on behalf of the travelers.

The passengers on the flight had to be treated for soreness and itching caused by the bites, thought to be from ticks, upon their arrival in Rome. The plane had to be disinfected before it was cleared to take off again Friday morning.

Phew! I have no personal experience with Ryan – though over time I have generally been frustrated by the few times I decided that saving a few extra bucks was worth the hassles associated with cut-rate service.

I hope those in charge of providing medical treatment for affected passengers – or the crew in charge of disinfecting, fumigating the plane in question come up with a few samples of the critters under consideration. Tick bites can lead to nasty conserquences.

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2 Responses to Passengers on a Ryanair flight apparently bitten by ticks

  1. lowerarchy says:

    How much extra did Ryanair charge for the tick bites?

  2. Ryanair = tick bites
    Paul Ryan = parasite

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