Distracted motorists have the most accidents at Stonehenge

Distracted motorists have more accidents passing Stonehenge than any other British landmark…

Over a third of drivers, 34 per cent, have had a prang or near miss in the UK as a result of taking their eyes off the road to admire a view…And an admiring 14 per cent have slammed on the brakes to get a longer look – typically reducing their speed by 27 mph…

The Angel of the North, in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, is the second most dangerous landmark and the Blackpool Tower, in Lancs, third.

A captivated 18 per cent and 12 per cent of motorists find their eyes drifting towards these sites as they pass…

Just over one in ten of these drivers, 11 per cent, have had or nearly had an accident at these two beauty spots.

Janet Connor, from MORE TH>N, said: “Travel guides, friends and family often encourage us to take the scenic route…But until now the perils of admiring the world beyond the windscreen have not been fully explored.

The UK is blessed with some amazing sights but motorists need to keep their eyes on the road and resist the lure of staring at them while driving…To avoid having an accident, park-up and enjoy the view safely.”

I remember when a Boston hotel built a swimming pool that immediately overlooked the I95 Freeway right in the heart of the city. There were so many accidents the first month it was in use – from male drivers ogling the babes in bikinis – they were ordered by the city to close it back down.

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