Who would oppose a jobs bill for veterans? Yup – you guessed it!

Congressional Republicans, resolute in their commitment to deny the Democrats anything that looks like an accomplishment in an election year, have spent the week obstructing passage of the Veterans Job Corps Act of 2012. It’s a perfectly inoffensive bill from Senator Patty Murray, the Washington Democrat, meant to increase hiring and job training for veterans, especially those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Who could oppose hiring more veterans as cops, firefighters and national-parks workers? Who could be against helping veterans apply their military training to earn civilian occupational licenses? The unemployment rate for new veterans hit nearly 11 percent in August, compared with 8.1 percent nationwide. Veterans and active-duty soldiers are committing suicide at alarming rates. The men and women who defend America in uniform are 1 percent of the population. Why shouldn’t the 99 percent give them a hand?

I’ll let the Republicans explain.

Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma says it is dishonorable and cowardly to help veterans find jobs when there are more important things (what?) to do

Rand Paul of Kentucky went further, saying he would block the bill until Pakistan freed Shakil Afridi, the doctor who helped the United States find Osama bin Laden…

Ms. Murray…has tried to make her bill as bipartisan as possible, by incorporating wholesale additions from Richard Burr, a North Carolina Republican. The Senate could have rallied behind this bill, shown its dedication to the troops, and been done with it by now. But Democrats will have to pass this bill the hard, slow way, with repeated large votes overcoming Republican procedural objections…Or it might be killed by Republicans committed to making a bigger point about honor, valor, sacrifice and obstruction.

There hasn’t been a bloc of cowards, bigots and liars so infesting Congress like poison maggots since the days of the House UnAmerican Activities Committee. A sleazy group of politicians about as unAmerican as they come.

The Party-formerly-known-as-Republican is out to raise the bar of those years of racism, reaction and indolence. Nothing concerns their stony little hearts more than opposing any legislation offered by our sort-of-Black president and members of his party. Even at the expense of screwing our veterans returning home to unemployment and diminished opportunities.

Opportunities diminished, I might add, courtesy of the previous batch of conservative ideologues.

6 thoughts on “Who would oppose a jobs bill for veterans? Yup – you guessed it!

  1. keaneo says:

    Why doesn’t Rand Paul have Romney use some of his stature and “resolve” to get the doctor freed? Could it be because he and Romney are a pair of phonies who no one respects except their common clacque of neocon nutballs?

  2. jeremy listerud says:

    I think since the republicans are so concerned as we all are they ahould sacrafice their large paychecks for people to go back to work. The reality is they are the hate group that do not want a “black” president so they blame him. They have the ability to hire people back in if they reduce their large paychecks and use foe employee salaries. Then people can go buy things and create a demand that requires companies to produce more to sell more to make more to pay more. Hmmmm easy as pie. They just want the whole fuckin pie to themselves hump a hole in the center of it because they are virgins to rich money and thw us economic system.

  3. Curtis Mayberry says:

    Im all for getting jobs for our service men and women and I mall for kicking these GOP thugs out of office for simply playing politics during a very hard time for all Americans. However to think we need to hire more police that will be used to mainly fight the failed Drug War is not what I would call a step forward. I we ended the failed drug war like we should have oh 74yrs ago right after it was started with marijuana prohibition then police would have real crimes to work on and their wouldnt be a huge need for more police today. The need for police today is only because police seek out non violent drug users instead of real criminals, its safer to them, it fills prisons and gets them more money in funding. In turn they just go out and arrest more citizens for a failed and corrupt policy. Our service men and women deserve better than this is all Im saying!

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