Right Wing PACs go to court to protect secret donors

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Two conservative groups asked the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington…to allow tax-exempt organizations that pump millions of dollars into election ads in the weeks leading up to the November 6 vote to keep the names of their donors secret.

The Center for Individual Freedom and the Hispanic Leadership Fund are appealing a March federal court ruling that required the organizations, known for their tax code as 501(c) groups, to disclose previously anonymous donors if they run so-called issue ads in the weeks before the election…

The two groups ultimately want the courts to reinstate the Federal Election Commission rules protecting the names of donors. They were quashed by a lower court earlier this year in a case was brought by Democratic congressman Chris Van Hollen.

Republican-aligned tax-exempt organizations — such as the Chamber of Commerce or Crossroads GPS — are spending millions of dollars on “issue ads” in the 2012 election campaign…

Hiding the sources of their funding is key to hiding who pays for their political corruption.

A federal court ruled in March that, in the final 60 days before the general elections and 30 days before primaries, groups running “issue ads” must reveal the identities of donors of $1,000 or more.

But leading advocacy groups have made clear they plan to carry on and have no intention of revealing their donors’ identities thanks to loopholes in the law.

Study a little history folks. This is how the worst crooks in any Western nation have always defeated attempts to institute anything more fully approximating real democracy. Secret funding for political campaigns allows the biggest phonies in Congress and state legislatures to claim they know nothing about corporate control of their campaigns. Protecting this secrecy has been one of the central goals of Republican appointments to federal judgeships and the Supreme Court for decades.

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