Killer seeks to avoid justice – claims he’s too obese to be executed

Lawyers for convicted killer Ronald Post says he is too heavy to be executed…They asked U.S. District Judge Lesley Wells late Friday to stop his execution Jan. 16. They said that at 480 pounds Post, 53, is “morbidly obese.”

His weight and poor veins “have a substantial likelihood of causing severe complications with attempts at an intravenous execution,” the lawyers said. To attempt the execution would amount to cruel and unusual punishment.

Post was convicted in 1985 of killing Helen Vantz, a desk clerk at an Elyria motel, two years earlier. Her son, William, laughed Monday when he heard about the request. Then he became serious.

I don’t care if they have to wheel him in on a tractor-trailer; 30 years is too long,” William Vantz said. “Enough is enough. This is just an excuse to get out of the execution…”

Post’s case is one of the most unusual capital cases in Ohio. He pleaded no contest to the murder charges. The plea meant he did not admit to the crime, but chose not to contest the facts the prosecutors presented. The unusual plea later became a focus of his appeals.

In general I support death penalty convictions as a waste of taxpayer dollars. In the United States such a sentence automagically adds another magnitude of avenues for appeal – this case being an example. He’s been sitting on Death Row for 30 years.

Somehow I doubt that the state of Ohio won’t be able to find someone willing to deal with sticking a needle into an overweight killer

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