Everyone but the rich say — Tax the rich!

Most U.S. voters say they believe the wealthy should be taxed more, results of a United Press International poll released Tuesday indicated.

Nearly half of likely voters — 49 percent — said they support President Obama’s view that the wealthy should pay more taxes than they now do, results of the UPI-CVoter poll indicate…

Voter support for higher tax rates for the rich — who typically pay less than middle-class taxpayers based on percentages of incomes — sweeps across gender, education, race and region…

The only groups in which the majority said they favor tax breaks for the wealthy are Republicans, people who identify themselves as moderately or strongly conservative, and senior citizens over 55 years old…

Sometimes my grayhead peers really piss me off. You’d think if there was any group likely to practice educated self-interest in politics it would be seniors. We’ve been around long to recognize the lies we’ve been told longer than other demographics.

I guess it’s like advertising. We’ve been subjected to what marketing folks like to call “enforced demand” so long that we’re brainwashed into accepting opinion and agitprop from pleasantly scrubbed white faces as if it’s fact.

Just looking at the crowd at a Tea Party rally cheering on speakers who would scrap the social security and medicare benefits they’ve been paying for their whole adult lives is enough to convince me that all those years of smoking cigarettes with “not a cough in a carload” addled their brains irreparably.

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