10-tear-old boy beats and robs 50-year-old Vietnamese immigrant

Minh Tran

A 10-year-old boy admitted Tuesday in Family Court that he robbed and assaulted a Vietnamese immigrant in her Juniata Park home on Aug. 6 in what a judge likened to a “hate crime.”

Then the boy, thin with short-cropped hair and dressed in a long-sleeve white shirt, khakis and sneakers, faced his victim and apologized for “hitting you with rocks and sticks and breaking into your home.”

The victim, Minh Tran, 50, who lives on Luzerne Street near L, said through an interpreter that she accepted the apology.

…Judge Kevin Dougherty said he would give the defense an opportunity to present testimony and evidence about the boy’s personal history and characteristics…

Assistant District Attorney Andrew Carobus said Tran was sleeping in her small apartment at 3 p.m. when the boy, his 7-year-old brother – who was not arrested and couldn’t be charged under state law because of his age – and an unknown male, 20, entered the premises and beat Tran.

Carobus said Tran was struck on the face and body with a stick, rope, rocks, a plunger and a potted plant. The assailants took $20 from her purse, a bracelet and tokens and left the apartment. A neighbor later found Tran on her knees in her back yard, crying and asking for help.

Dougherty asked the boy why he attacked Tran. The boy said he “didn’t like the lady” and the way she “stared” at him…

We have a long road to travel,” Dougherty said. “We’re going to find out why you have hate in your heart for someone who doesn’t look like you.”

Anyone born and brought up in the United States truly surprised? Are you astonished that he hates someone who doesn’t look like he thinks an American should appear?

In my neck of the prairie she could be from a nearby Pueblo or Mexican-American or Asian-American – or just plain anyone.

Think he came up with the concept of hating a foreigner all on his own?

One thought on “10-tear-old boy beats and robs 50-year-old Vietnamese immigrant

  1. moss says:

    Growing up in the urban North, racism was perfectly acceptable in family life. Am I too cynical to think little has changed?

    Just because many Republican campaigns are subtle about their appeal to racism – some less so, like Scott Brown in Massachusetts – only means socially-acceptable standards have changed.

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