Economics students in the UK are the most promiscuous

Economics undergraduates have topped a survey to find which university courses have the most promiscuous students.

It may be known as the dismal science, but it seems that economics has a rather racier side.

Undergraduate economists were found to be the Casanovas of British students in a survey that discovered they had slept with an average of nearly five partners since starting university.

The poll’s results will come as a surprise to some, although tales are told of youthful romantic dalliances by some of Britain’s best-known economics graduates…

The survey by the website found that undergraduates studying economics had on average had 4.88 sexual partners since starting university…

Next most promiscuous were students of social work, community care and counselling (4.7 partners on average), marketing (4.57), leisure, hospitality, tourism and retail (4.56) and agriculture (4.44).

Engineers, business students, sports science undergraduates and social scientists also made the top ten.

Theologians, perhaps with their minds on more spiritual matters, came one from the bottom of the list of 43 subjects with an average of 2.13 sexual partners each.

However, the chastest students were found to be those on environmental science courses, who on average slept with 1.71 partners, only just over a third of the number tallied up by economists.

Now, is this designed to inform prospective students of the distractions they may encounter on entering university — or which major they should choose and why?

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