Coppers seize pot plants big enough to sell as Christmas trees

Have a high holiday!

Cook County sheriff’s deputy Ed Graney was on routine helicopter patrol when he noticed towering lime green plants amid the dark weeds along the Bishop Ford Expressway.

They were marijuana plants, row after row over an area the size of two football fields near Stoney Island Avenue and 105th Street.

“We had the right altitude and the right angle, the right sunlight and happened to be glancing down,” said Graney, a tactical flight officer for the sheriff’s department.

He and the helicopter pilot, Chicago police officer Stanley Kuprianczyk, spotted the pot around noon Tuesday and narcotics officers moved in to secure the area.

“The plants are pretty big. They’re as big as Christmas trees,” Chicago police Lt. Michael Ryle said. “Some of the plants are as tall as 10 feet tall…”

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said it’s unclear who owns the land.

Spoiling someone’s holiday decorations – just because they’re illegal. For no good reason.

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2 Responses to Coppers seize pot plants big enough to sell as Christmas trees

  1. I’m sorry but a plant should not be illegal. I mean tobacco is not illegal so why should pot be–doesn’t make a bit of sense does it?

  2. Mark says:

    I’m sure the coppers got a nice xmas present when they sold them on.

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