260 animals have gay tendencies but only humans are homophobic!

Stephen Fry has denounced critics of same sex marriages claiming there are 260 animal species that have gay tendencies but only humans are homophobic.

The author, actor and presenter also accused the Church of England of caving in to “screeching” extremists who he claims have spread lies about gay marriage.

Fry, who is gay, spoke out in a new video, for the Out4Marriage campaign, which has persuaded a string of celebrities and politicians to back its calls for reform.

During a three minute monologue, he says gay people “used to be regarded as villains because we were so bohemian and outrageous and we eschewed family values, but we’re not.

“We’re human beings like everybody else and we believe first and foremost in love.

“At least 260 species of animal have been noted exhibiting homosexual behaviour but only one species of animal ever, so far as we know, has exhibited homophobic behaviour — and that’s the human being.

Joseph Musgrave, for the Out4Marriage campaign, said “Stephen Fry has brought his own inimitable style to a point we have long sought to clarify.

“No religious group should be in any way forced to conduct or solemnise same-sex marriages.

Of course not. And the overwhelming majority of civil rights, gay rights organizations, feel the same.

Hypocrites and homophobes who persist in inventing straw man arguments against civil rights for the LGBT community persist in creating heavy demands upon their puny souls – that don’t exist. It’s like Oklahoma Republicans passing laws banning sharia law in the state – when virtually no modern Muslim in any American state, in any nation, would ever propose such a thing.

Folks should stop peering under their bed for things that go boomp in the night. All the truly scary crap is in your own mind.

2 thoughts on “260 animals have gay tendencies but only humans are homophobic!

  1. Humans Are Weird says:

    Don’t know if you heard about it, but one of our (Australia’s) politician people recently likened gay marriage to opening doors for bestiality. He promptly got fired, but still. Wowzah. I made a post about it, which includes a video of his speech. Bah!

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