Dutch abortion ship blocked from first visit to a Muslim country

A Dutch campaign group says its ship offering women medical abortions has been prevented by authorities from entering the Moroccan port of Smir.

The group, Women on Waves, provides abortions and advice from boats anchored in international waters near countries where abortion is illegal…

Women on Waves has said it was invited to Morocco by a youth group called Alternative Movement for Individual Freedoms.

But the country’s health ministry said on Wednesday that the ship would not be allowed to operate in the country and called on the authorities to apply the law against the group and the ship…

In an earlier press release the group said the ship was able to provide legal medical abortions for women who are up to six-and-a-half weeks pregnant, while it was anchored in international waters.

The group’s main intention was to promote the fact that an abortion-inducement drug is actually available to women in Morocco, but most of them were unaware of it, the group said.

Women on Waves said it has also launched a hotline number for women to obtain information about contraception and abortion…

Over the past 11 years, a Women on Waves ship has visited Ireland, Poland, Portugal and Spain, sparking protests from anti-abortion groups.

Morocco was the first Muslim country the group planned to visit.

I look forward to an invitation being issued by women’s groups in Mississippi inviting Women on Waves to anchor off Biloxi some time in the future. I doubt that enlightened self-interest will help that benighted state turn away from the reactionary path their state government has chosen.

2 thoughts on “Dutch abortion ship blocked from first visit to a Muslim country

  1. billduff says:

    I don’t know what to think – all in all – the abortion issue is indeed the tempest in the teacup. Maybe that could be the group’s secondary title? Wow. This has certainly provoked me to think – and I will be bringing this issue into my classroom for discussion. Thanks for the update.

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