Stirring win at World Porridge Making Championships

Benedict Horbrugh in the middle – with the Golden Spirtle

British expat Benedict Horsbrugh has won the 19th annual World Porridge Making Championships at Carrbridge in the Highlands.

The 45-year old, originally from London but now living in Germany, took home the Golden Spurtle award for making a perfect bowl of porridge.

Last year’s champion, John Boa from Edinburgh, failed to retain his title but did win the People’s Choice award…

The Golden Spurtle is awarded to the porridge maker deemed to have made the best traditional porridge using oatmeal, salt and water.

A spurtle is a spatula-like tool, traditionally used to stir porridge.

Mr Horsbrugh, originally from Twickenham, said he started making porridge to provide a “good and solid” breakfast for his three daughters, who then encouraged him to enter the competition.

The yearly event is held in the village hall in Carrbridge, and past recipes have included the use of curry powder, sausages and seafood.

The competition precedes World Porridge Day, an international day to celebrate the breakfast favourite.

My wife and our dog have oatmeal for breakfast every day. I dearly love it; but, rarely have it – usually starting the day off with a bit more animal protein.

I know, I know. It’s the troglodyte portion of my Highland genes.

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