Ukrainian student-activist gets suspended sentence for frying eggs over eternal flame

A Ukrainian court has handed down a suspended three-year prison sentence to a student who fried eggs over the eternal flame at a World War Two memorial to protest against government policies.

Hanna Sinkova was found guilty of desecrating The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Kiev.

Sinkova, 21, a member of radical youth movement called The Brotherhood of St. Lucas, said her actions were meant to draw attention to the plight of impoverished war veterans.

Its symbolical meaning was that soon, very soon, veterans, old people, poor people will queue up in front of this flame to cook food there because they will have nowhere to live, nothing to cook on and nothing to eat,” she said on Friday.

The average monthly pension in the former Soviet republic was about $140 last year, according to official statistics.

Sinkova said she would challenge the court ruling. State prosecutors said they wanted an actual jail sentence and would do the same.

Save me from purists and anarchists who decide their direct action will lead the world from despots – and clerks.

I can appreciate the sense of what she did – barely. The fact remains that if you wish to affect decision-making by some of the sleaziest politicians in the world [yes, I know a couple of the Kiev-flavor] you better serve your cause by choosing an action that reaches out, draws in sympathy from the greatest number of civilians who – in turn – will voice support for your cause.

This choice won’t even get support from egg-lovers.

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