HPV shot doesn’t result in increased sexual activity in girls

Young girls who receive a vaccine to protect against the virus that causes cervical cancer do not become sexually promiscuous after the shot, new research finds.

Two versions of a vaccination against the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus (HPV), which causes cervical and some other forms of cancer, are available and recommended to all girls aged 11 to 12.

But less than half of girls eligible for the shot have received it, apparently due in part to concerns that it might encourage sexual activity.

Concerns firmly rooted in the minds of ignorant people.

This study goes beyond girls’ own reports that the vaccination would not alter their sexual behavior, instead using medical records to examine the connection…

“We’re hoping that this will offer some validation to what we’ve seen in the past, where girls and young women have indicated that they wouldn’t change their sexual behaviors if they got the vaccine,” said Robert Bednarczyk, lead author of a study appearing in the November…issue of Pediatrics.

Dr. Joanne Mortimer, director of the Women’s Cancer Program at City of Hope in Duarte, Calif., said this study should put “to rest any concerns that kids who know they’ve been vaccinated are safer [from the virus] and can have more sex.”

Poisonally, I think the truth this study will illustrate is that generally religious people with what passes for an average American education haven’t a clue about science, the results of scientific study – and they will continue on down the yellow brick road guided by a few pastors, pundits, and politicians of the Kool Aid Party flavor.

They will stick with all the systems that guarantee failure and increased likelihood of cancer for their daughters. They will prattle about abstinence, prayer and family values.

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