A life-size replica of Tyrannosaurus Rex in assembled in 55 hours, using 1400 balloons…

Mark Verge has been perfecting the art form for more than 16 years and has created a 39ft life-size replica of a Tyrannosaurus Rex out of 1,400 balloons.

It was just one of the sculptures made by the model-maker along with a triceratops, spinosaurus, stegasaurus and utahraptor for his show in Ontario, Canada.

Mr Verge, 43, who is originally from Nova Scotia, first started making balloon animals in 1995 after coming across a book about the hobby.

Since then he has developed his own techniques and uses a variety of different-sized balloons to build the delicate creations. It was his collection of fossils that first gave him the idea to make model dinosaurs.

His sculpture of the T Rex won Mr Verge first prize in the world balloon-sculpting competition.

He said: ‘I love fossils so over time it just occurred to me that I could make a full-size dinosaur skeleton.

I love it.

Thanks, Ursarodinia

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