Hotels “help” geeks through their holiday without a hookup

With the advent of smartphones we’ve become used to being constantly connected, even when we’re on the road or on vacation. But now a growing number of hotels are adding “digital detox” packages to their roster of offerings.

Detox packages are nothing new. For decades, hotels and vacation retreats have enticed guests to “clean out,” often with the help of a specialized diet plan and fitness regimens (with a massage thrown in for good measure). These days, the concept is being pushed to help us disconnect from technology. The World Travel Market Global Trends Report even listed digital detox as one of the next big trends to hit the hospitality industry in the coming year…

“We’ve witnessed the increased dependency people now have on their electronic devices,” notes Andrew Henning, the general manager at The Westin Dublin, in Ireland.

In March, the hotel introduced a digital detox package to combat this gadget addiction – recently classified in the media as “nomophobia”. Guests that partake in the package stash their electronic devices in a safe, and in exchange get a detox survival kit, which includes a board game, a walking map, a tree-planting kit, and other reminders that life exists beyond the confines of an iPad.

Via Yoga, a company that hosts yoga retreats in Mexico and Costa Rica, feels so strongly about the need for its guests to unplug that it decided to offer a 15% discount as an incentive for anyone willing to give up their iPhone…

Via Yoga’s detox package is popular, but other venues offering similar packages admit that while there’s interest, they’re not flooded with bookings.

The Hotel Monaco Chicago provides guests with a “black-out” option, whereby they surrender their gadgets to reception upon checking in.

“We were constantly hearing from guests how they loved that the Monaco was an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city,” says Marco Scherer, the hotel’s general manager. “We decided to allow our guests the option to experience the ultimate seclusion by voluntarily forfeiting all methods of electronic communication at check-in.”

Though guests are intrigued by the package, Scherer says very few actually opt to give up their devices…”Most guests prefer our free wi-fi,” he admits.

Cripes. Neurotics worrying about being neurotic.

Electronic gadgets serve useful functions. It’s why cameras were invented. Same goes for the apps, If you have no control over your life, paying someone else to “help” you with the problem – during a holiday stay – is absurd. Unless you’re spending your money to head off on a therapy holiday.

Probably cost less to get your therapy while maintaining your normal daily life.

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