Hedge-trimmer cuts through the roof of a loaded school bus

Four children have been hurt after a tractor’s hedge-trimming tool cut open the roof of a double-decker bus like a tin can.

Paramedics were called to the accident in Wivenhoe, Essex, at 8.22am on Thursday…Trevor Redburn, assistant general manager for the East of England ambulance service in north Essex, said: “We arrived within five minutes and it was quite a scary-looking scene. We counted 45 children who were all shocked and confused.”

The four who were hurt were described as having “slight injuries”.

The vehicle responsible had been trimming branches along Alresford Road in Wivenhoe, from where the bus was transporting pupils to secondary school in Brightlingsea.

A replacement bus service was organised and parents arrived to take the injured children to hospital.

Cripes. I worry enough about kids being injured in their school bus. Few municipalities require seat belts and the tin cans they ride in have a surplus of hard surfaces to bump into – whilst flying through the air after a collision.

But, I never thought I’d have to worry about decapitation.

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